Engineering Evolution: Redefining Structural Solutions at KUSCH

Engineering Evolution: Redefining Structural Solutions at KUSCH


At KUSCH, we are excited to share some news! After 11 years, we’ve updated our logo and branding!

Our new logo symbolises the way we approach design projects and stakeholders. Engineering problems contain competing objectives, like balancing structural performance against build costs. Maximising one objective often negatively impacts the other. Optimal outcomes therefore require a care for all parties and objectives. The opposing chevrons in our new logo symbolise this outward concern in pursuit of optimised designs. 

Since our beginning, we’ve specialised in the structural design of ‘non-structural’ building services, and now have a team of 30+ engineers supporting industry throughout Australia. 

Our seismic designs focus on minimising material and labour costs by analysing the inherent structural performance of unbraced services, enabling us to demonstrate compliance with AS1170.4 while leaving more services unbraced than is typically achieved.  We’ve developed dynamic analysis methods which demonstrate that in some scenarios, earthquake design actions generate relatively small movements in suspended services. This approach has enabled the development of seismic solutions that are optimised for flexibility rather than restraint, at times eliminating the need for bracing altogether. 

Our prefabricated design solutions for services have continued to advance in scale, safety and economy as we develop simpler and faster ways to build more off site.  And we’ve been able to improve the economy and robustness of conventional pipe riser designs, at times eliminating typical bellows through improved building movement assessments and the optimisation of pipe anchor locations. 

We’ll be sharing useful content for Building Services Contractors on our LinkedIn page, so be sure to follow us. 

We’ve produced a short brand video, take a look here. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We’d be delighted to collaborate with you, so please reach out to one of our engineers to discuss how our design solutions could benefit your projects.