About Us

Enhancing the lives of our team, partners, clients and the community in all that we do.

Smart engineering solutions that balance creativity and practicality to shape a better future.

Whether you're a contractor navigating the complexities of a compliant and cost-effective construction or an architect striving to shape functional and inspiring spaces, we’re here to help.

We immerse ourselves in your world, providing smart engineering solutions that balance innovation with robust designs that stand the test of time.

Our story

Founded in 2013 by Chartered Structural Engineer Martin Kusz, KUSCH has emerged as an expert consultancy that thrives on innovation. Our niche engineering capabilities have allowed us to identify unique gaps in infrastructure projects to help deliver design solutions that are built to last.

With a goal to build resilient buildings that follow compliance guidelines, our belief is that cooperation and a can-do approach can enable the most imaginative and complex projects to be brought to life.

Our strong relationships with industry partners provide us with a deep understanding of what is needed for a solid, optimal solution. We balance innovation, efficiency, and compliance, while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

"Optimal designs require carefully balancing competing objectives, like maximising the robustness of what we build, while minimising environmental and financial costs. You must care about the people who can be impacted by a design. Optimise the outcome for everyone, and it’s 'Engineered.'"

Martin Kusz, Director