Victoria’s Largest Data Centre

Victoria’s Largest Data Centre


Location: Melbourne

Client: AG Coombs

Scope: This datacentre located in Melbourne is the largest data centre in Victoria (by MW capacity.) KUSCH worked alongside the mechanical contractor to ensure that the installed mechanical services could withstand the seismic loading requirements of AS1170.4.

KUSCH also completed design works where pipework and duct crossed building permanent movement joints (PMJs). PMJs allow movement between different building stages and elements throughout the building’s design life. The services that bridge across these joints must also be able to accommodate these differential movements. KUSCH completed a detailed review of the client’s building services at these locations, and developed solutions that would allow them to withstand the required building movements. Pipes were designed for flexibility and pipe stress analysis of the pipes to ASME B31.3 was completed to determine acceptable support locations.

Expansion bellows were required in areas where there was not enough flexibility in the pipework, and KUSCH worked alongside leading bellows manufacturers to specify bellows, and design pipe supports and thrust anchors for the required pipe loads.

Design Highlights:

  • Prefabricated pipe anchors were installed which restrained both thrust and seismic loads 

  • Pipework flexibility was analysed to reduce the number of flexible couplings or bellows required in the system. 

Design Considerations: 

  • Building movement
  • Thermal expansion
  • Seismic Loads