Chevron Tower

Chevron Tower


Location: Perth, Western Australia

Client: ENVAR Group

Scope: KUSCH were engaged to design a 100m pipe riser from the L5 plantroom to the L29 plantroom supplying chilled water at Chevron tower. The client proposed a design that included flexible bellows, however given the unique design without any pipe branches between the plantrooms, KUSCH were able to anchor the riser centrally from the core wall, and all of the movement was accommodated at the top and bottom of the riser using spring hangers and flexible Victaulic couplings. 

Design Highlights: Central anchor without any flexible couplings or bellows required. This reduced the design forces due to the pressure thrust

Design Achievements:

  • Pipe stress analysis completed to ASME B31.

  • Slide guide design – including plate modelling checks and anchor desig

  • Pipe hanger spring design and pipe hurdle frame design

Design Considerations:

  • Loads due to building movement, thermal and seismic effects

  • Revit model coordination to reduce on-site clashes