University of Queensland Plant Growth Facility

University of Queensland Plant Growth Facility


Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Client: Hansen Yuncken


  • Structural design & certification of coolroom panels to accommodate weight of services suspended and as a trafficable platform. 
  • Structural design and certification of the architectural masonry facade
  • Structural review of the glasshouses for prefabrication and lifting. 
  • Seismic design of mechanical, fire protection & hydraulic services

Design Achievements:

  • Typical coolroom panel installations require additional seismic bracing. KUSCH eliminated all additional bracing through structural analysis of the coolroom construction
  • Designing coolroom panels for trafficable loads was outside the manufacturer’s experience, KUSCH’s design allowed for safe services installation and future maintenance access in congested plantroom areas.
  • The glasshouses were deisgned to be installed in-situ, KUSCH enabled it to be safely installed at ground level and craned into position on the roof. 

Design Considerations:

  • Safety in Design, coolroom panel floors must have capacity to enable future maintenance access for unit maintenance or replacement.  
  • Masonry control joints, shelf angles and wall ties. 
  • The lifting of the glasshouses generates loads which differ significatly from the conditions it was originally designed for. 

Project Features: The University of Queensland’s Plant Grow Facility will provide a world-leading research facility that underpins excellence and innovation in plant science and sustainable ecosystems for global impact. The building contains several controlled environment rooms, capable of replicating a variety of environmental conditions to simulate natural conditions. The building’s roof deck also holds 2 glasshouses.