Seismic, Wind & Gravity Design of Building Services

Seismic, Wind & Gravity Design of Building Services


Building services are termed ‘non-structural elements’, and yet the NCC still requires them to be designed and installed to perform acceptably under a variety of structural loads. While gravity loads are relatively well managed, but the impact of wind and earthquake loads are not well understood and are often overlooked.

KUSCH specialise in the structural analysis and design of building services, and develop economic design solutions by:  

  • Analysing the structural capacity of the unbraced service to resist these loads. We don’t want to add material & labour to a project if we can prove it isn’t needed. 
  • Analysing the dynamic performance of unbraced services. This is more complex, but can often shows that the bracing required by common ‘force-based’ designs are unnecessary. 
  • Collaborating with contractors to advise how simple changes to their installations can improve performance and minimise required bracing.
  • Providing fully coordinated BIM modeling of seismic bracing, minimising buildability issues and moving brace requirements onto the primary fabrication drawings. 

Speak to one of our engineers today to discuss how we can help you comply with the design load requirements of the NCC, while minimising the additional material and labour required to achieve this.