IL4 Data Centre

IL4 Data Centre


Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Clients: Prefab Solutions, Climatech, Barnwell Cambridge

Scope: Structural design of prefabricated mechanical service modules, seismic design of mechanical & electrical services. 

Design Achievements:

  • To reduce the requirement for additional bracing, KUSCH designed prefabricated cable tray supports to accommodate both seismic and gravity loads. This system was constructed using 41mm strut, to support containment stacked over 7 tiers.  
  • Prefabricated modules improved safety & reduced install costs.

Design Considerations: As an Importance Level 4 facility, the services must remain operational following a 1:500-year seismic event. KUSCH completed a Special Study to enable our clients to confidently demonstrate that they meet this AS1170.4 requirement.