One of the oldest construction methods known to man, masonry construction can provide impressive durability, but also significant risks if built without adequate design and detailing. Well known performance issues include:  

  • Fragility under seismic loads: due to its brittle nature, masonry buildings and building elements are susceptible to damage when subjected to earthquake actions
  • Cracking: Masonry elements can crack due to several reasons, including foundation settlement, thermal expansion and contraction, differential movement between structural elements, and inadequate reinforcement. While some cracks may be superficial, others can compromise the weather performance of the external facade, or the structural integrity of the building.
  • Durability of reinforcement and restraint: Masonry skins and facades are typically reinforced and restrained using metal elements that can corrode over time, leading to reduced load-bearing capacity or insufficient resistance to lateral forces. 

KUSCH is experienced in the structural design of masonry, and our services include:

  • Structural design of masonry supporting elements such as brick ties, shelf angles & lintels
  • Structural design of masonry loadbearing walls
  • Specification and design of masonry control joints
  • Structural assessment and retrofitting of existing or heritage masonry structures
  • Structural design of footings for masonry buildings

Take a look at the masonry design we completed for the University of Queensland Plant Growth Building.