Quay Quarter Tower Riser

Quay Quarter Tower Riser


Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Client: Equilibrium & Climatech JV Pty Ltd


  • Modularisation of 200m tall mechanical & hydraulic services riser
  • BIM coordination, production of shop drawings complete with lifting plans, material take-offs and cutting lists
  • Structural Design & Certification of prefabricated riser and pipework

Design Achievements: 

  • 12m long modules are self-aligning and stackable to minimise crane time
  • Design for safe access enabled installers to enter the riser at each floor during installation without the need for fall-restraint.
  • To reduced the pressure thrust loads KUSCH designed the 600mm condenser pipes with double-hinged expansion bellows, to acommodate building and thermal movements

Design Highlights:

  • Pre-galvanised modular SUPA framing, to avoid welding and ensure a long service life

Design Considerations:

  • Modules were transported horizontally and rotated vertically on site while suspended using two tower cranes. 
  • The riser modules were fixed to a combination of new and existing concrete, with varying capacities. 
  • Building movements due to core shortening, along with inter-storey drift

Project Features:

The $1b Quay Quarter Tower refurbishment upcycled the 1976 AMP Centre Tower, and has retained over 65% of the original structure and 95% of the original core. Read more about the project here: https://3xn.com/project/quay-quarter-tower-2