Pipe Risers, Anchors, Expansion

Pipe Risers, Anchors, Expansion


Pipe risers in high-rise buildings must be designed to accommodate complex loading conditions,  including building movements, thermal effects, pressure thrust, seismic and wind loads.

  • Failing to adequately design for these loads can lead to the failure of the pipework or supports
  • However overestimating building movement and thermal effects leads to the addition of expensive movement joints

KUSCH understands the complexities of these design considerations and the impact construction sequencing can have on pipe risers.

  • We have expertise in designing pipes and their supports under the ASME B31 & AS4041 pipe standards to ensure they meet the design requirements
  • Where possible, KUSCH assesses the pipe layout’s inherent flexibility to reduce the need for additional bellows or expansion devices.
  • Where these devices are required, KUSCH can assist with their specification and selection.
  • KUSCH also designs and specifies the structural supports for your pipework, including anchors and slide guides.

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