Cold-rooms are typically constructed using insulated panels, which comprise of a foam layer bonded to two metal sheets, and offer many benefits including:

  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Fast installation
  • Fire rated performance can be achieved with certain foams
  • Good structural properties

Like other ‘non-structural’ elements, the NCC requires that cold-rooms be designed to resist the loads specified in the AS1170 suite of standards, including loads arising from wind, seismic events and live loads. 

  • Traditional designs often ignore the inherent structural capacities of panel systems, and specify additional cable supports and bracing installed at 45-degree angles. This poses installation difficulties and hazards. 
  • KUSCH incorporate advanced structural analysis with performance testing to provide economical cold-room designs that minimise the need for additional cable supports.
  • With this structural design methodology, we can streamline our customers’ installation and save on materials costs. 
  • KUSCH can also design and certify insulated panel ceilings as a trafficable platform, to allow for future maintenance of equipment replacement

Take a look at the insulated panels we designed for the University of Queensland Plant Growth Facility.